May 27, 2016
  • AlaMed seeks to add NEW providers to its database that will assist patients, adjusters, and case managers. Please contact Mike or Sarah if you want AlaMed to recruit a particular provider.
  • Sarah and Mike had the article, How the Best PPO Networks Help Employers with Medical Cost Containment, published in the Spring ASIA newsletter. We appreciate your feedback.

AlaMed is a Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Organization formed in 1991, by five Alabama Third Party Administrators in order to minimize the spiraling workers' compensation medical cost.

AlaMed is devoted to supplying our members and self insured companies with the best providers at the most economical rates in the industry today. Savings of 15% to 20% is accomplished through front end direction, producing a reportable positive outcome for our clients as well as their employees.

Serving over 10,000 employers and their more than 2 million employees, through more than 600 facilities and thousands of physicians.

AlaMed is the most comprehensive and economical workers' compensation program in Alabama today.

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